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Welcome Page!

Page history last edited by Jean Darnell 5 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to Goodman Elementary Library Literacy Space!


I'm excited to share this page of resources for the BEST ELEMENTARY in the state of Texas (if not the whole world)!




My name's Jean Darnell and I'm the librarian here in OWL NATION!



Here's a funny video about some library rules and behavior expectations. Though during the video the librarian is Mrs. Russell, you can just substitute Ms. Darnell! The information is still valuable!



Books are incredibly important! Please always respect the books...what does THAT mean? Treat the books like their little old lady angels: be gentle, don't make them soggy with tears, juice or liquids of any kind, and MOST importantly, return them back to their library home when your time with them has ended! Books have a horrible home-sickness disease! 


So remember:

#1. Be gentle with the books!

#2. No food/drinks around library books!

#3. Return the books back to the library on time!



Be a LGE R.O.B.O.T.

 Return Our Books OTime!


Library Orientation Slide Show







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